About Skyeye Plus

About Skyeye Plus

Sky Eye Plus operates from two offices – Darlington and Stockport and we specialise in delivering stunning aerial film and stills photography at a price that makes economic sense to you and your production.

Our CAA qualified and fully insured drone pilots have many hours flying experience whether filming for TV commercials, corporate videos, roofing surveys or stills for architectural CGI.  We use BBC broadcast cameras delivering 4K high definition footage.

Plus - Post production - 360 degree photography - Computer Generated Images (CGI) - Augmented Reality. Click on PLUS to see these additional services.


Our fully certificated CAA qualification ensures that we follow clear safety rules laid down by the authority. Sky Eye Plus clients are assured that any flight we undertake on their behalf is carried out with full consideration for people, property and aerospace laws.

This is supported by our fully insured, experienced pilots and business to carry our Drone video and stills photography with our insurance policy covering all aspect of potential liability.

This means that our clients have no liability in the event of an accident unlike with unlicensed pilots.

If an unlicensed pilot is used for commercial purposes and is involved in an accident the liability is shared with the client who commissioned the flight. Consequently, safety and the best interests of our clients are paramount in our operations and this video gives you an insight into the preparation required to undertake clients projects no matter how simple.

So better to be safe ...than sorry.