Film & TV Production

Film & TV Production

Sky Eye Plus drones were specifically specified with BBC broadcast quality cameras. Combining the skill of our pilots with the director’s vison and control produces stunning footage that previously would require extremely expensive aeroplanes or helicopters with a manned camera on a gimbal.

If you work in film or TV and are looking for aerial filming professionals who are highly experienced and understand the pressures and demands of your industry, then Sky Eye Plus can help you achieve your vision.

Our drones have twin controls – one for the pilot who has a separate camera to fly the craft and the second for the director to control the video and stills camera. We can provide a director for these projects if you are concerned about managing this function and ensure that the end product is what you need.

Aerial filming with drones or helicopters always requires strict safety measures and this is particularly the case when filming large movie or TV projects involving multiple cast and crew members.


Our client has just acquired what was the Barclays Computer Centre in South Manchester.

The 150,000 sq ft building is being redeveloped into the most secure data centre in Europe over the next 2 years. For the potential and existing investors, we filmed the building to give a clear impression of just what 150,000 sq ft looks like. As and when developments take place we will get up in the air again -video the work- so that investors can see progress and fulfilment of the ongoing development programme.

It is a great deal so if you are interested in investing take a look at the funding platform


We filmed this with gloves on... it was -3° C on the day.


To capture the unique feature of CL Prosser, the North East's leading Metal Merchants and Waste recycling specialist, we were commissioned to film its Tees Estuary loading wharf. To do this we filmed the site and all the activity in selecting and loading 3,000 tonnes of scrap steel onto a specially designed cargo ship to take such aggressive materials. The scrap steel was bound for Portugal and is a regular visitor to Prossers 100 acre site converting the scrap in a Portuguese state of the art foundry into components for white goods... that come back to the UK.

We were aware of a technical issue for flying a drone over so much metal and that is the magnetic fields created by the scrap that seriously effect flight navigation. This particularly interfered with our Inspire pro drone but was easily dealt with by our Phantom Pro by flying at predesignated heights. One for the 'scrap' book!!


IMA Group, our parent company, produced the animated TV commercial re-launching Kestrel lager.

To achieve the accuracy of animation required for this commercial we flew over and around Loch Katrine in Scotland where the water for the lager is sourced. This was commissioned to capture the immediate landscape to ensure authenticity – from a Kestrels eye view. This was the chosen method to deliver reference material as it cost 1/10th of the helicopter alternative.

Check out the finished result click on the image.


Our Building and maintenance client LCM Group commissioned us to film the installation of a specially designed drain off tank built to their specification. The success of the project supported by the installation video has led to further work with Biffa. Click on the aerial image below and see what filming on land and aerial can deliver.


Through our parent company we can deliver the highest standard of post-production and editing through our creative director in IMA who has edited Bond movies, Pirates of the Caribbean to name but a few and a wide variety of TV commercials for major brands.

Corporates videos, high profile interviews, conference films, motion graphics are produced for many of IMA Groups clients. The show reel gives you a taste of the range of creative productions ima has created.