Estate Agents, Property & Golf

Estate Agents, Property & Golf


A Sky Eye Plus aerial photograph or short video of a property will greatly increase its saleability. Not only does the image give a better idea of the size of the property but it also shows the extent of the gardens and land and it can better illustrate the setting of the property for sale. Even houses and apartments that look relatively plain from ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint.

Commercial properties also benefit by giving location, scale, condition, car parking and access detail hitherto not commercially viable. Click the image on the right to view a demo’.


Through our sister company 360 degree Preview we can take your sales pitch even further by delivering a virtual tour through the smallest to the grandest home. Check out one of our demos by clicking on the house image, left. Or go to the dedicated 360° Photography page for more examples of how 360° Preview can enhance the presentation and saleability of property.


Hotels, Stately Homes, Visitor Centres and Golf Clubs can all benefit from Drone Aerial video and is proven to increase enquiries.

The short clip of Lumley Hall, right, shows just how effective this medium is.


Hole by hole you can show an interested golfer the layout of your course and why they should come and enjoy your Golf club.